All My Children Sneak Peeks Week of 10-18-10

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Melissa Claire Egan (Annie, AMC)All the money and high-priced clothing in the world isn't proving to make Annie happy. Being a member of the Chandler klan is bringing on quite the heartache, so Annie goes and drowns her sorrows at the bar. Later, her knight in shining armor—no, not Scott, but rather JR, comes to her rescue. Will she show her gratitude by giving him a "special" thank you? As for JR's partner in crime, Asher...he gives JR a piece of information that could bring Caleb down. What does the young rebel present to his "mentor?"

Elsewhere, Colby is shocked after reading about what Scott has done. Will she write him off like she did her mom? Speaking of Liza, she gets quite the sight when, unbeknownst to Greenlee and Ryan, she witnesses their kiss. Will she use that to her advantage? This week, Liza also ends up in the hospital. Is there reason for concern?

As the week progresses, Greenlee's trial gets underway and Erica takes the stand. Will she defend her foe? Erica's also having second thoughts about her wedding to Jackson and suggests postponing it. However, is he willing to wait around? Meanwhile, Natalia and Brot are moving forward with their relationship, going so far as to even ponder marriage. Will one of them pop the question? Watch the drama unfold all this week on All My Children.

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