All My Children Sneak Peeks Week of 1-31-11

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Bobbie Eakes (Krystal, AMC)Could there be a new possible romantic pairing in Pine Valley? It's not known for sure, but as the week begins, Krystal is the one to step up and console Jack about Erica. Is some kind of chemistry beginning to bloom between them? Speaking of possible new couples, it's not long before Jackson walks in on Erica and Caleb in an embrace and jumps to conclusions. Will he run to Krystal? Second question – just why are Erica and Caleb embracing?

While on the other side of the Valley, JR makes a disturbing discovery. He finds the stolen jewelry in Annie's room. Does he confront her? At the same time, Cara becomes frustrated after Tad declines her offer of help on his investigation. Why does he turn her down? Then, as Brot and Natalia take measures to be together, Madison's pregnancy bump starts to show. Will Ryan find out?

Shortly thereafter, Ryan's wife to be, Greenlee and her BFF, Kendall rekindle their bond. But their return to good friendship could be cut short when Kendall collapses to the ground. Is it her heart? You bet it is and in order to save her life, David is taken out of jail to help save her. Will his efforts pay off? Tune in to All My Children this week and see.