All My Children Sneak Peeks Week 3-7-11

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Jacob Young (JR, AMC)Looks like Charlie Sheen isn't the only one taking to the web these days. JR lays into Colby for the video she posted online. Will Colby back off, or will JR's attempt at intervention only feed the fodder all the more? Speaking of JR, he soon tells Marissa he wishes he could turn back the clock. Come on, already, JR. Make up your mind.

At the same time, Tad and Jesse have a heart to heart. It's the perfect opportunity for Tad to convince Jesse to be his best man. Shortly thereafter, Kendall gives Cara a memento for her wedding. What token does Kendall pass on? Something borrowed? Something new? Something old? Something blue?

Meanwhile, Amanda questions Jake on what he plans to do with Cara's wedding ring. What will he respond? Then, it's not long before Cara confronts Amanda for turning her into the feds. Will Amanda be able to hold her own? We are not one hundred percent certain, but we do know this. Before mid week, Amanda will seek a shoulder to lean on and it turns out that the shoulder in question belongs to none other than Agent Kaye.

On the other side of the Valley, Madison finds out the sex of her baby. Will she tell anyone the news? Meantime, the baby's dad, Ryan, makes a plea to Annie. Does it fall on deaf ears? Find out when you tune in to All My Children this week.