All My Children Sneak Peeks Week 3-14-11

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Michael E. Knight (Tad, AMC)Many secrets revealed this week in Pine Valley. But first, Amanda overhears Tad telling Jake that she needs to grow up. Doesn't sound like Tad is in Amanda's corner right now. How will she deal with knowing his sentiments? One of the first people she turns to is none other than JR. She takes him into her confidence, revealing that things between her and Jake aren't going well. Does JR offer any sound words of wisdom? Not that he is the most lily white when it comes to love and marriage of late. Shortly thereafter, when Cara finds herself in yet another bout of trouble, Jake is the first one to defend her, and guess what. We are not talking a lackluster, oh yes, I am still in your corner kind of defense. We are talking an all out, passionate one. What has Cara gotten herself into now, and why is Jake defending her so passionately?

At the same time, the baby daddy storyline comes to a head when Madison finally admits to Ryan that he is the baby's father. Is Ryan in any way prepared for this news? Either way, it's not long before Ryan confronts Greenlee. Will she tell him the truth – that she knew about his fathering Madison's baby all along? We've got the answer to that one for you. Greenlee does not take the high road. Instead, she hides the fact that she knew about Madison's pregnancy from Ryan. We think this is not a good strategy, Greens. Don't you know you are only digging a deeper hole for yourself?

Speaking of Greenlee and Madison, the action soon switches from baby daddies to business. Before mid week, Madison calls Greenlee out on trying to steal her idea. Is Greenlee truly taking credit for Madison's creativity or is Madison making a mountain out of a molehill?

While in other diva developments, Erica makes it clear to Caleb that she is committed to Jackson. But is she really harboring feelings for Caleb that she is just too stubborn to admit? Meantime, Colby heads to the internet again and sends out another video from her webcam. Who is she blasting this time? Then, on an up note, Kendall, Bianca and Marissa bond over being mothers. Be sure to tune in to All My Children all week to see how it all plays out.