All My Children Sneak Peeks Week 11-15-10

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Michael Nouri (Caleb, AMC)It's a sibling heart-to-heart as the week begins. Colby tells JR to stop using Asher to get back at Caleb. Will JR listen to his sister, or pooh pooh her advice like he always does? Speaking of Caleb and Asher, Caleb holds important information back from his son. What is Caleb hiding this time?

At the same time, Zach helps Greenlee and Ryan get to the island where Nick Pearson is staying. It's then not long before Ryan and Greenlee find Nick. What will they say to him? More importantly, does he tell them what they want to know?

Back in the Valley, Opal begins to experience chest pains. Luckily for her, it's Tad to the rescue when he takes Opal to the hospital. Is it just indigestion or something more serious? Meanwhile, Opal is not the only one visiting Pine Valley General. Damon takes Liza to the hospital for a checkup. Was she feeling ill as well?

In more hospital developments, Amanda gets to know Griffin, the new doctor at the hospital. Could there be potential sparks between these two? Later, almost as soon as the jury reaches a verdict in David's murder case, Jackson gets a call from Greenlee who says they have new evidence! Will the Judge reconvene the trial or is it too late? Find out when you tune in to All My Children this week.

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