All My Children Sneak Peeks Week 1-3-11

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Susan Lucci (Erica, AMC)Happy New Year. As the residents of Pine Valley ring in 2011, Erica reflects on the year 2010. Could this be a two-hanky moment or will it be the happy memories that will touch our hearts? Either way, it's not long before Erica makes a confession to Caleb. What does she admit? More importantly, how will he handle her candor?

Speaking of Caleb, it could only happen in soapdom when this week, he and JR share a rare moment. Could the two be on the road to some kind of reconciliation? Shortly thereafter, JR and Annie have a heart-to-heart. He assures her that as soon as it's possible they will go public with their relationship. But is he only leading her on? One thing is certain. Ryan takes it upon himself to get involved in the Annie/JR situation when he tells JR that he'd better treat her right. All of a sudden Ryan is again concerned with Annie's welfare? Is he being noble? Looking out for Emma's welfare? Or could it be something more?

Meanwhile, as Ryan admonishes JR in regard to Annie's wellbeing, Madison changes her mind about Greenlee's offer. Why has she decided not to take the deal? Will she now choose to remain in Pine Valley and tell Ryan the news about the baby? As you can imagine, Greenlee can't help but continue to worry about Madison. Is she worried about Madison's health, or knowing that if Ryan finds out about the baby it would certainly put a crimp in their relationship?

At the same time, as Kendall and Griffin grow closer, she becomes dangerously unwell. Is this a physical or mental? Is it her heart condition or broken heart over Zach's death that is causing her illness? One way to find out. Tune in to All My Children this week and see.