Tweet Treat! AMC's Darnell Williams Signs with Prospect Park

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Darnell Williams (Jesse, All My Children)Well, guys, the cat's out of the bag. Or at least word of another All My Children star signing with All My Children was tweeted earlier today by Lindsay Hartley (Cara), who was one of the first actors -- along with Cameron Mathison (Ryan) -- to sign on the dotted line with the new production company.

Soapdom can confirm at this time that Darnell Williams (Jesse) has indeed signed on, making him the third star to head to the online version of All My Children.

With Williams former co-star, Debbi Morgan (ex Angie) now airing on the Young and the Restless as Harmony, will Prospect Park cast a new Angie for Jesse, or will it turn out to be Angie that was the one JR shot, paving the way for lots of emotional story material for Williams to play?  Stay tuned.

Soapdom learned of Williams signing with Prospect Park last night directly from our sources at Prospect Park, so yes, we can confirm it. 

However, it might be a while before All My Children fans get word of additional stars joining the online cast due to the complexity of the storytelling for All My Children going foward so stay tuned.

Also, keep in mind that all three deals (Hartley, Mathison, and Williams) are still contingent on AFTRA negotiations.  We will keep you posted as things progress.

In the meantime, be on the lookout for another major announcement from Prospect Park coming soon.