Mayoral Visit for All My Children

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LA Mayor and Susan Lucci (Erica, AMC) (c)ABCAFTRA and The Paley Media Center welcomed AMC to Los Angeles last night, but first, Pine Valley welcomed their own very special guest: The mayor of their new hometown, Antonio Villaraigosa!

"He was in Pine Valley to lure jobs to Los Angeles - and I guess he succeeded!" Susan Lucci quipped. "It was fun. He's very down to earth and accessible. We ran lines and he had good instincts on camera. He was very easy to work with and very charming."

As we've been hearing, with "All My Children" now on bigger stages, we'll be seeing the old sets grow, while new ones are popping up.

"Today I shot in a brand new set - Erica's new penthouse," Lucci cheered last night. "It's under construction on the show, but it's going to be gorgeous."

Meanwhile, Julia Barr (Brooke) has landed in LA and is thrilled to be back "home".

"Working with these people is like coming home - even though I'm in another city," she shared. "The show had a transitional head writer (Lorraine Broderick) who we all know, love and respect and they said, 'Would you like to come out to LA to do it?' After I got over the shock, I said, 'Yes!' and when they sketched out the story for me, it sounded great."

Julia Barr (Brooke, All My Children) (c) ABCLike her onscreen nemesis, Barr will be doing the bicoastal thing - sort of.

"I think I'm going to be working a lot, so whether or not I get to go back during this particular time, I have no idea," she admitted. "But my husband's going to come out a couple of times."

Debbi Morgan (Angie) is also going to be hopping Back East, but unlike most of her bi-coastal costars, her hometown isn't the show's old stomping ground, New York.

"I live in Maryland," she revealed. "But LA is sort of like a second home for me. Before I went back to All My Children, I'd been living out here for seven years and I've been back and forth since the 80s. I love the weather. I love to work out here, but I like being around regular folks, who aren't saying, 'What's your next project?' That's so foreign to my friends back in Maryland, so I love it there."

Meanwhile, Bobby Eakes (Krystal; ex Macy, B&B) is thrilled to be back on the West Coast and now that her house is in order - literally! - she plans to make a visit to her old pals at "The Bold and the Beautiful."

"There are a lot of people I need to visit," she says with excitement. "I've been playing phone tag with Schae Harrison. We both call each other every day and I think we've spoken once!"

You can get more on this story on MSN TV's Superfan Blog. I hit the big AFTRA/Paley Media Center welcome party last night and in addition to the above, I got Barr's preview of Brooke's return, Susan Lucci's thoughts on the new writing team and even some video of AMC folks partying!


(c) Kevin Parry/The Paley Center for Media