Josh Duhamel gets thonged on Ellen

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Josh Duhamel on The Ellen ShowFormer soap opera heart throb, All My Children's Josh Duhamel (Leo, also star of a couple of feature films, oh like Transformers, and primetime series like NBC's Las Vegas), appeared on the Ellen Show this week. 

Apparently, he and Ellen have a bit of a thing going, where she gets him to take off his clothes every time he appears on the show.  Hum. Sure wish Soapdom had that kind of thing going with Duhamel, but we digress.

A good-natured and fun guy, Duhamel usually cooperates, much to the Ellen audience delight.  But this time, for the sake of a little holiday cheer, Ellen may have gone just a bit too far...

Her holiday gift to Duhamel was a pair of very red, very fluffy, very skimpy Santa Claus thong underwear.  Yup, you heard that right.  A red thong with a black belt and white trim.  She, and the live audience, wanted him to dash away all, and strut his stuff wearing only the thong.

As you can imagine, he was not so ready to oblige.  So, Ellen challened him to a game of charades.  If he won, she'd donate money to his favorite charity. If she won, he'd have to don the thong!

Not that we want to point any disparaging fingers at Ms. Degeneres, but did she fix the game?

Check out the whole clip below (don't worry about the ads that appear in French at the front of the clip.  It's kinda fun to see the M&M's guys en Francais.  The clip appears in English about a minute or so in), and catch Josh Duhamel in the holiday feature film, New Year's Eve, opening in a city near you this month. 

Happy Holidays!