All My Chldren's Melissa Claire Egan to Young and the Restless

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Melissa Claire Egan as Annie, All My ChildrenWe knew it wss bound to happen -- soon as we reported that long time All My Children casting director Judy Blye Wilson was joining the ranks at the CBS No.1 soap opera, The Young and The Restless.  

What did we predict?  Only that Y&R would now try to woo All My Children stars, like the already working Debbi Morgan (Harmony, Y&R; ex Angie, AMC) who didn't skip a beat going from Pine Valley to Genoa City after AMC's last broadcast airing September 23, 2011.

Looks like our prediction is coming to fruition!

Today, broke the news that Melissa Claire Egan (ex Annie, All My Children) has signed on for a contract role at Y&R, playing a mystery woman named Chelsea who heads to Genoa City with a secret agenda -- one that is somehow connected to Billy's (Billy Miller, ex Richie, Egan's former brother on AMC) arrest in Myanmar.  How is the news being received by Y&R fans...

Fan sentiment is so far very mixed, as is evidenced by their comments on the EW site.  A common thread?  They don't want Egan's character, Chelsea, to in any way, shape or form come between Billy and Victoria (Amelia Henile, ex Mia, guess where?  All My Children)

Seeing a pattern here? We are. Young and the Restless is already carrying a few All My Children alums, and here's my concern:

If the trend continues, if Young and the Restless keeps hiring former All My Children stars, won't that be turning Y&R into AMC in a way?  That, in my humble opinion is NOT a good thing.  Young and the Restless has been number one in the ratings for over two decades for a reason.  Turning it into All My Children could be a death nell. After all, um remember, All My Children was cancelled because of lackluster ratings.  Is Y&R sure it wants to be AMC?

That being said, former All My Children viewers who are desperately missing their soap, could follow the stars to Young and the Restless, boosting the show's ratings, at least initially.  Die hard Y&R fans who are used to watching their soap their way may be alienated by the influx of former AMC talent and tune out, resulting in ratings decline.  Remember, as the number 1 soap in the ratings, Y&R had many more actively viewing fans than All My Children had in the end.  Does Y&R really want to risk ticking them off?

The other side of that coin is if many of the major form AMC stars end up on Y&R, what will that mean for the online version of All MY Children when it premieres on TOLN early next year?

Egan's first airdate on Y&R is Monday, November 7, 2011.

The drama continues. Stay tuned...


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