All My Children's Rebecca Budig Returns

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Alicia Minshew, Rebecca Budig (Kendall, Greenlee, All My Children)The internet is buzzing with the rumor that Rebecca Budig (Greenlee) is once again on her way back to All My Children.  You'll remember, we last saw Greens when her motorcycle flew off a cliff and she was "presumed" dead, presumed being the

operative word.  Rumor has it that she is recovering from her ill-fated bike ride and being tended to by a nurse in some faraway place.

Budig has come and gone from All My Children quite a bit over the last few years. Her husband, ex Bachelor, ABC Daytime Golden Boy, Bob Guiney, is Los Angeles based, and she makes LA her home.  Now that All My Children is heading to the west coast, it makes sense that she'd consider returning.

From what we hear, her role is recurring to start, and she will begin taping while the soap is still working out of NYC.  How will her return impact the lives of those who love her -- namely Ryan and Kendall?  Stay tuned.

So far, fan response to this news has been mixed. Some are saying been there done that.  Others feel there is nothing new she can add to the canvas -- except get in the way of Ryan and Erica's cougar storyline, and since that's not such a popular storyline anyway, it's like --so what. Yet another fan faction couldn't be more delighted to see her return. How about you?

For or against, watch for her to hit the airwaves in Pine Valley December 23.