All My Children ~ Share your Favorite Moments ~ Win Some Dirty Soap!

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Jacob Young (JR), Alexa Havins (Babe) of All My ChildrenMany of you have been fans of All My Children since the get go.  Many have tuned in more recently, but everyone has a favorite or stand out moment or couple that helps define the show for you.

Soapdom wants to know your favorite All My Children moments. Some of mine include...


Erica and the Bear
Tad in speedos
Bianca's first same sex kiss with Lena
Any and every Erica and Brooke cat fight
Anything with the devious Dr. Dave! (He is just so fun to watch)

What about your favorite couples?

Are you a Tad and Dixie fan?  Tad and Liza? Tad and Hillary?  Tad and Krystal? Tad and Cara? 

altAngie and Jesse?  Kendall and Zach?

Erica and Jack? Erica and Mike? Erica and Dimitri?

Jenny and Greg?  JR and Babe? 

Bianca and Melissa? Bianca and Reese? Bianca and Maggie?  Bianca and Lena?

Greenlee and Ryan? Greenlee and Leo?

Who is your favorite matriarchial character?  Mona? Kate? Myrtle? Pheobe?  Marian?  Erica? Why?

What does the character of Stuart mean to you?  What does his heart and soul represent to the town of Pine Valley?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.  You could have your essay published as a featured article at, and receive a copy of "Charmed,' by Kendall Hart as a prize.  Two runner ups will get copies of the new reality show, "Dirty Soap's" promotional poster.  Two more runner ups will get an 8x10 photo of the "Dirty Soap" cast.

So come on y'all.  Tell us what's your favorite moments of 41 years of All My Children.  Inquiring cyber minds wanna know!

And don't forget to tune in to "Dirty Soap" Sunday at 10 PM (9 central) on E!

The Cast of Dirty Soap

Jenna and Galen Gering, Kirsten Storms, Nadia Bjorlin, Brandon Beemer, Kelly Monaco, JP Lavoisier, and Farah Fath.