All My Children Cast at Crossroads. To Move or Not to Move to LA?

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Thorsten Kaye (Zach, All My Children)As scooped by Soapdom on Tuesday, August 4, 2009, All MY Children is heading to sunny southern California come January 2010. The good news is that all the actors have been invited to make the move. The question is, will they?

Susan Lucci, the grand diva and poster child of all soapdom, playing the ever coy yet manipulative Erica Kane on All My Children since the show debuted in January 1970, guested on the View late last week. When asked if she intended to make the move, she stated that

she's a "New York City gal," and wasn't sure what she would do. After all, she only had "a day and a half to process the news."

Lucci appeared on Regis & Kelly Friday morning and discussed the move and the fact that she had a lot of thinking to do.

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Lucci's castmenber, Thorsten Kaye, who plays Zach Slatter on All My Children, was likewise in a quandry. He revealed to the NY Daily News that the network has only given them one week to make the decision whether to move with the show or not. For him, the decision is particularly egregious, as his wife, Susan Haskill, plays Marty on One Life to Live which is remaining in New York.

"I'm not sure what I'm going to do," Kaye shared. I'm not the kind of dad who wants to be 3,000 miles away from my kids. And it's not exactly the best time to sell real estate."

However, Kaye went on to affirm the network's decision to move All My Children to LA, which could give the 39.5 year old soap a shot in the arm. "I think the move shows that ABC has a lot of belief in 'AMC' and wants to keep it going," says Kaye.

The decision could be a lot easier for someone like Walt Willey (Jackson) who maintains a small apartment in New Jersey to crash while he is taping AMC, but his home base is with his family in New Mexico where they own a bed and breakfast.  Willey likewise does a fair amount of traveling during the year on tour with his stand up comedy show. For him, what's the difference of having a crash pad in New Jersey or in Los Angeles?  We're guessing not that much.  And the weather is far better in LA!

Stay tuned to Soapdom as we check in with some other AMC stars to see what they think about all this. Coming this week...