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So many celebrities – soap stars included -- stay so slim, that it seems so easy to accomplish. The problem is that celebs who lose large amounts of weight during a short period of time do it the hard way. Fad diets, from cleanses to fasts, to single-food diets do make you lose large amounts of weight in a short period of time. However, you will likely starve along the way, and then gain the weight back as soon as you stop the diet.

Take it from me. That's exactly what happens. I can never seem to get ahead of the curve (or slim down my curves on a permanent basis. Does the phrase yo-yo ring any bells here?)

There has got to be a better way to: a) lose weight, and b) shed extra pounds without craving a cheeseburger on the first day of the plan.

Enter The Sensa Weight-Loss System. It offers a solution to this dilemma. Formulated to work with your olfactory senses, this plan decreases your appetite naturally.

The olfactory senses refer to your sense of smell. Dr. Alan Hirsch, the creator of Sensa, found that your appetite decreases when your olfactory senses are stimulated by the foods you eat. The problem is that not all the foods you consume will stimulate your sense of smell, so you end up eating much more than you should. Sensa works by adding the ingredients to the foods you eat that will cause this sensory stimulation.

Also called "The Sprinkle Diet," this Sensa plan works by sprinkling salty or sweet "tastants" on the everyday foods you eat. The small crystals instantly activate your sense of smell so that your brain can tell your stomach when you're actually full. Users are surprised at the amount of food they need to sustain themselves. Plus, you eat real food—not just a piece of grapefruit or some lemonade concoction.

Even better, the Sensa crystals are 100% calorie-free. You can use the tastants in place of white sugar or table salt to reduce your intake of sugars and sodium. Not only can this cut your calorie intake even further, but it is also much healthier.

According to the program, Sensa works because the root of the plan is partly based on tried-and-true methods of weight loss. In order to lose fat pounds, you need to cut calories—3,500 per pound of weight to be exact. The problem with many fad diets is that they cause you to lose water weight only. In some cases, you may even lose fat pounds too fast and your body ends up eating its own muscles to sustain itself.

The Sensa weight loss supplement is available for purchase online. The company feels so strongly about its product that it offers new customers a free 30-day trial. At the same time, Sensa is confident enough to offer the option of purchasing a six-month supply of the product at a reduced price compared to buying it on a month-to-month basis.

Staying as slim as a celebrity is only difficult if you embark on crazy fad diets that you make you starve. Why not choose a plan that allows you to eat and lose weight? Plus, unlike crazy celeb plans, the Sensa Weight-Loss System is touted as being completely safe because you lose weight naturally without disrupting your metabolism.

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