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Want to know what gets published when at Soapdom?  Check this out.


John Driscoll (Coop, GL)Soapdom publishes news and info as it breaks, but we also stick to a publication schedule (technical difficulties notwithstanding) for items like Sneak Peeks, First Looks, SOAPnet programming, episode recaps, etc.  New feature stories and exclusives can be published at any time, so it’s always good to check Soapdom several times a day for all the latest content.  

All times Pacific Time Zone

Preview Info:

Sneak Peeks:  Thursdays at approximately 3 PM
Sneakier Peeks:  Mondays at approximately 3 PM
First Looks & Fresh Peeks:  Saturdays at approximately 12:01 AM

FYI, Sneak Peeks cover the upcoming week’s shows.  Sneakier Peeks cover next week’s shows.  First Looks & Fresh Peeks are additional previews for the current week that may or may not include episode photos from one or more shows for that week.  For example, on Thursday, September 14 at 3 PM Pacific time, check for your Sneak Peeks for the week of September 18, 2006.  On Saturday, September 16 at approximately 12:01 AM, check for your First Looks & Fresh Peeks for the week of September 18, 2006.  On Monday, September 18 at approximately 3 PM, visit Soapdom for your Sneakier Peeks for the week of September 25, 2006, etc.

Recap Info:

Episode summaries are published between 3 to 5 PM the day the shows air.  (Most shows are published at around 3 PM).

Casting Info:

Regular show casting is published before close of business Friday evenings for the upcoming week.  It's called "Easy Come, Easy Go" and you can find it listed on the main page of every soap.  Major casting news, or what we call “Casting Coup,” is published as soon as we get the info from the networks or shows -- basically as it breaks.  You can find "Casting Coup" under "News."

Suds Buzz:

Suds Buzz is currently our rumors, quick news bits, and real life news column. A new Suds Buzz main article is created the first of each month.  New Buzz bits are added to that month’s page as we get them, which could be up to several times a day. Check Buzz often.  You can find it under "News."

Busted to Blissful:

Busted to Blissful is a monthly Feature column that is usually published the first or second week of each month.  It’s our reporter’s take on what’s right and what’s not with today’s storylines.  

Your Letters:

Your Letters can be published every day, depending on the quality and quantity of the comments we receive from you. Want to be heard?  Contact us.

Seeing Stars

Event and cast appearance info is published as we get it.  We publish events that take place this week and months down the line.  It’s easy to scroll through the calendar month-by-month to see what events are coming up.  Don’t miss out on seeing your favorite stars in your neck of the woods.   Check the Seeing Stars calendar often.

SOAPnet Originals

SOAPnet programming is published on Sundays for the upcoming week.

Feature stories like Inside the Bubble or Where are they Now interviews are published throughout the week, so it’s a good idea to visit Soapdom often.  

Plus, when you visit, don’t forget to check the Soapdom message boards. We have some very prolific posters in our community who scour the net for juicy info on all the shows making the boards another good place to stay caught up on your soap. You’ll find a wealth of preview info, casting ins and outs, the latest rumors and dish, all contributed by the Soapdom community.  We can’t officially vouch for the validity of what’s posted, but nine times out of ten, between you and us…Soapdom’s community members are right on the money!