BEGIN:VCALENDAR METHOD:PUBLISH PRODID:-// jCal Pro VERSION:2.0 X-WR-CALNAME:JCal Pro Calendar X-WR-CALDESC:Your online events calendar X-WR-TIMEZONE:America/Juneau BEGIN:VEVENT UID:ad94e22ae3a56ed9dcb1c16fe16260d6 DTSTAMP:20170924T003354Z DESCRIPTION:\nCast\, crew\, friends and family will gather this upcoming we ek on set at The Young and the Restless to tape a special tribute to Jeann e Cooper that is set to air May 28th. \n“Jeanne Cooper was a legend\, a nd we want to give her the tribute she deserves\,” CBS Daytime SVP Angel ica McDaniel said in a statement. “The cast will honor their longtime fr iend\, family member and co-worker in the greatest way possible\, as we ce lebrate her life and vibrant spirit and share it with the audience who lov ed her as much as we did.”\nCheck local listings for time in your time z one. DTEND:20130528T200000Z DTSTART:20130528T190000Z LAST-MODIFIED:20130513T024000Z SUMMARY:Tribute To Young And The Restless Icon\, Jeanne Cooper END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR